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Welcome to Ginger Creek Antique Stoves!

What’s going on at Ginger Creek Antique Stoves!

We are all about antique wood and coal stoves.  We authentically restore unusual antique stoves to their original state.  (And also, some not-so-unusual ones, too)

We have a great selection of  restored antique stoves for sale, and, at the best prices available, as well.  Check our website:

History and Mystery!!

We will be presenting the history of some of these grand stoves, and trying to shed some light on the mystery of antique stoves.  Every stove is unique, and has its own ‘reason for being’,  its own functionality,  personal history and appeal. The ingenuity in the design of these stoves is also of continual interest and inspiration to us.  We started this blog to share that inspiration.

And, as usual – just talkin’ about stoves…!

We got the ‘stove fever’ awhile back,  – started with just one stove, which led to another, and another.. and we just kept going!

So, what happens when you get the stove fever?  You turn into a ‘stove nut’ !   Each stove is an adventure; to find, research, restore and ultimately enjoy.  They all have their own stories, and those stories link us all together through our  ancestors’  ingenuity in designing them so artfully, and our common interest in preserving them for posterity.   –and for ourselves!

Check back when you get a minute – we’ll still be talkin’, and we hope you’ll feel free to post a comment .



  1. I have a Ruby Crown #50 in very very good condition but can find nothing online about it. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Do you ever find old wood burning kitchen cook stoves in your area?

    • There are not a lot of antique wood cook stoves in the South – we are in N. Carolina. They are mostly in the northeast. There were always fewer in the South, and the ones that were here, that were beautiful antiques, were usually used to the point of no return. We do have a beautiful little southern made wood cook stove named the ‘New South’, and under that name plate, was, ‘The New Enterprise’, by Phillips & Buttorff Mfg. Co, of Nashville, Tennessee, circa 1881, which we will be using as a cook stove in the near future. Wish more of those types of southern wood cook stoves had survived.

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    My iPad is now broken and she has 83 views. I know this is entirely
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  4. A friend who is not web savy asked me to do research on a wood stove he found. by P & B Mfg. Co. Herald 226 . He believes it was used in Yellowstone Park. Time period would be interesting. I found a lot of information on P & B Mfg as they were sued for back wages a long time ago but I can’t find anything on their products.

    • I also found the Herald 226 it is missing the plate that covers the ash clean out just below the door.I have been looking for this part for years.You are the only person I have found that also has one of these stoves .If you have found any information on the stove I would be interested in hearing it..Thank You.

    • About 8 years ago I bought a stove such as the one you and Joan were discussing and I purchased it from my next door neighbor. It has been a decorative piece sitting by my front door in Yucca Valley, CA., holding various pots of flowers, but we never used it as a stove.

      Prior to that My neighbor owned it for several years and I believe her great aunt owned it for quite a lengthy time prior to that. .

      The writing on the stove is
      HERALD 226
      R. & B. MFG CO

      It is not missing any parts

    • I just got ahold to a two eye heater from p&b mfg. it has CHROMO stamped on the door and I’m having a time finding anything on it. Do you know of a club or forum

      • I think we have the same item, and I can’t find any information on it

    • I worked at p &b

  5. I love it when people come together and share ideas. Great website, stick with it!

  6. Hi,
    just scored an old woodstove in excellent condition,Echo by Phillips and Buttorf,Nashville. Small size is perfect for my garage,any idea how old or value?

    • It could be as old as 1881, or up to around 1899,-I would have to look up when Phillips and Buttorff changed ownership, and their stoves were no longer imprinted with that name. Value always depends on condition, style, and other factors for the particular stove in question.

  7. I have a brown Enterprise Circulator. Phillips& Buttorff MFG Co.Nashville,Tenn.#7514 that came out of a old school at Sargents Colo. Can you tell me anything about this stove? Thank you.

    • Hi Charles, When you say ‘brown’ I assume you mean brown enameled stove. That would probably be a 1930’s or 1940’s stove. We generally focus on antique cast iron stoves made between 1840 and 1930. If you are looking for historical information about it, check out our website under the ‘Research and Restoration’ page, where we give lots of tips on how to research an antique stove.
      If you are wondering what it’s worth, -it’s hard to say, not having seen it. I’m guessing it is probably an art deco style enamel heater. If that is so, then usually stoves of that style and era don’t have a particularly high resale value, especially unrestored.

      A realistic evaluation would require photos and specific information about the stove’s condition. Please see the page on our website, ‘Info and Appraisals’.

  8. I HAVE FOUND A bELKNAPS hOT bLAST STOVE.iT ALSO SAYS BelknapHDW & MFG.CO. Louisville, Kentucky. INC.
    do you have any information on this stove it had been in the servents quarters in the Ole south. tks.

    • If you are looking for historical information about it, check out our website under the ‘Research and Restoration’ page, where we give lots of tips on how to research an antique stove.
      If you are wondering what it’s worth, -it’s hard to say, not having seen it.
      A realistic evaluation would require photos and specific information about the stove’s condition. Please see the page on our website, ‘Info and Appraisals’.

  9. Good morning.. I have a Model 71 “Jack” Cookstove made by the Duffy Trowbridge Co. It is very small (21″ H x 19″ x 19″). The fire chamber is only 9″ diameter and 6″ deep. Did they use coal for cookstoves? The stove would require 6″ wood, split to quite small diameter. Not having any luck yet finding specifics on this model, but was thinking it might be a salesman’s sample because of it’s size (although it has seen some use) or perhaps was a portable model for use in covered wagons, work camps and the like. One person can easily carry it around. I enjoy your website and it has provided some useful info. Any thoughts on “Jack”?

    • It could be any of the above or a summer stove. Sounds a bit large for a salesman’s sample. The covered wagon stoves have a specific look, generally more like a laundry stove, and the camp stoves would generally be made of lighter weight material, like sheet steel. We’d have to be able to see it tell you more, but yes coal was used in cookstoves, too. 9″ is pretty small to have to cut the wood. (You could cut it 9″ and stack it the other way.)

  10. I have a Globe coal burning stove in brown enamel finish. My husband moved it out of his shop and it is now sitting outside and deteriorating quickly.
    All the parts are still here (complete with double doors). I just hate to see it
    left to ruin. Is there anyone our there who collects or uses these stoves? Don’t have a clue how it ended up in the south.

  11. I have a cook stove made by Phillips and Buttorff Manufacturing Co. Can you tell me anything about it? The only number I have found on it is 25 48. It is a full cook stove, with water tank, and bread warmers. I am guessing it to be late 1800’s, but I have not found anything that would tell me.

    • I believe the Phillips and Buttorff name would have been used on their stoves starting in 1881, and that they changed names again in the early 1900’s. So that might help date your stove.

    • Neat, I have one that’s quite a bit smaller , nice shape , and don’t know a damn thing about them.

  12. I have a Favorite base type stove coal. The #15 is stamped on all cast parts. Does this meanit is the size or model?

    • It is probably the size (diameter) of the firepot, which, along with the name of the stove, would be the ‘model’ and the size of that model.

  13. Hello. I just bought a Herald No. 222 stove. I cant find any info on it via google, so i was wondering if you knew anything about the stove. Any information would be appreciated.


    • If information on a stove doesn’t come up on a Google search then you might have to dig a little deeper to find out about it. If it is historical information you are seeking, we have a page on our website which gives lots of tips on how to research your antique stove.
      While some stoves are well known, others aren’t. There are more than 10,000 patents for antique stoves, so probably no one person has seen them all.
      Also, there are sometimes duplicate names on stoves from different manufacturers, so to know what stove your are referring to, knowing who the manufacturer is, is helpful. That is one reason why photos are required for an appraisal. With an appraisal you will also get an assessment of its value.

  14. I have a stove stamped P.& B. Mfg. Co. Nashville Enterprise Blast Style – B. It also has 512 stamped on the top as well. Any idea of how old it might be?

    • Phillips and Buttorff started under that name in 1881. I’m not sure how long that lasted before the company changed names, probably around the early 1900’s.

      • Greetings!!

        Just yesterday we purchased an old stove very similar to this post. ‘R & B manufacturing company Nashville, Enterprise blast style -B 512. Wonder what the ‘R’ stands for…. was it when the company changed ownership? There seems to be a small part, a plate that sits on top of the little stove missing. Any ideas on whether or where we might be able to find a replacement? I could send an image or two if helpful. Thanks kindly for your support!

      • Hi, Are you sure it isn’t ‘P & B’ which would stand for Phillips and Buttorff in Nashville. They did make a line of Enterprise stoves. I haven’t heard of ‘R & B’.
        If you are looking for a stove plate, they can be found online. If you are looking for a different type of small door closure, then those can be hard to find.

  15. Found a p&b 226 stove in nashville good condition wondering its value

  16. Apologize, yes, it is P&B indeed. So its the same stove as highlighted by Chip in the Jan 4 post. Do you sell stove plates? If not could you advise where we may find them on line? Thank you so much for your advice. Your stoves are just amazing. We will consider one for the main house

    Best regards

    Chris and Anita

  17. We purchased a pot belly stove yesterday… has P & B Mfg, Nashville, Tn. on the back upper side if it…..on the front is the word AJAX…..the ash door and the wood entrance door are both red but the rest is black……all is cast iron and stands about 36 inches tall and is missing the top which we assume is the vent and cook plate….we are interested in the history, the value, and where we might find a replacement top for it.

    • We would be glad to do an appraisal for you- we would need to see photos so I will respond to you over our website email.

  18. Hello, I have a style b #512 also. And was wondering value in good shape? I paid maby 40 or 50 $ at a yard sale. Any info would be great.

  19. Unusual question here, but I thought, what the heck. I am assisting someone in family research. Someone in her direct line worked for P & B Mfg..Is there any chance that any employee records still exist or where I might concentrate search efforts? Thank you!

    • Probably the Chamber of Commerce or a historical society in Nashville would be a good place to start. You can ask them if they have any archives from Phillips and Buttorff. Not sure exactly what information you are looking for but the ancestral research of the family member might give more information about their position.

      • Thank you, and the Historical Society could provide additional information.

  20. Just trying to see if I can get a little information. My grandfather picked up and old stove and wanted to try and restore it. He asked me to see if I can get any info about it but I haven’t had any luck.
    It’s a stove produced by the Orbon Stove Co and the only markings I can find on it are “23 Firefly”. I believe it’s a parlor stove, but not sure. Any info would be appreciated.
    Thank you,

  21. MY cousin has a “Home Enterprise P.&B. Mfg. Co.” of Nashville. TN wood and coal stove in very good condition. How do we find out its value and the best way to sell it?

    • We offer appraisals for $25. If you are interested we would need specific photos and information about the stove.
      Best is to contact us on the website for that at or over the phone.

  22. Hi I would like to restore my grandma’s old cookstove and was wondering if anyone here could help me get information on it. It says P&B Mfg Co Nashville Tn on the back. It says Kitchen Queen Insulated on the front and has a temperature gauge. On the top I see a 1680 if that helps? THanks for any info.

  23. I have a stove that I haven’t been able to find any info about yet. It a Floral Gem 519 made by Richards & Conover Hdw Co Kansas City. Anybody know anything about them or their value if restored?
    [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]

  24. Hi, I purchased a “box stove ” a couple of weeks ago. It has “Herald 228 , Nashville ” printed on the front of it . I’m assuming it was made by P&B manufacturing co. In Nashville, but I havnt been able to find much info online about this stove or the company . I mostly just want to know how old it might be . Any idea how long this stove was in production ? Or how long the company was in operation?

  25. I have a p&b # 320 enterprise circulator can anyone tell me how old it is?

  26. Hi!I have exactly an Organ in very good condition. I am looking for more information about it!?Could someone help me!?I Y
    The stove is in Bulgaria!

    • There is quite a lot of information here about the Organ stove. Read through previous comments.

  27. hi, i’m from of Chile, in Southamerica and I have a pot belly stove, it called the monitor cincinnati, rubi no 10, that is all I know and I can’t found information about it. Can you help me please. and sorry about my english

    • It would depend on the condition. You can look on Ebay completed listings to see what one in similar condition sold for, or on Craigslist. Or you could have it appraised.

  28. I’m at a loss. I have a small stove that has the stove name, maker, and date on it and have been unable to find any info about it. Haven’t even seen anything similar to it. I don’t know what type of stove it is, it’s dainty so maybe a small parlor stove? Made by F & L Kahn Bros, dated 1899. It has a small round door that has colored faceted glass, shaped like gemstones. The door frame has the name “Estate Register” prominently displayed. Any ideas on where to find info?

    • Hi Sandy,
      Sounds like an interesting stove. While it is often easy to look up information about antique stoves online, that’s only if someone put some information about it online. There are over 10,000 antique stove patents, so not all stoves will have retrievable information posted online. It is often easier to find information about the manufacturer than about one of their stoves. There is a page on our website, ‘Research and Restoration’, which gives tips on how to research your antique stove:
      Or, if you are looking for more than historical information, and want to know what it’s worth, you can get an appraisal. Appraisals usually require a few specific photos to assess the stove and its condition, inside and out. They usually cost between $30. and $45., depending on who is doing the appraisal.

  29. I have a Herald 226 by P&B Mfg., Nashville, TN that was purchased by my maternal grandparents when they arrived in Texas in May 1905 from Czechoslavakia. They bought this stove in Bartlett, Texas that first winter. My mother kept the stove for me all those years and I have it in my shop (I build wooden boats) ……I have the original poker and shovel….the little stove is absolutely perfect… cracks and no missing parts……that little stove was all the heat we had in an old farmhouse that we lived in……I am 79 years old and it is my prized possession…….John Campbell

    • What a wonderful story! It warmed my heart! (Even more so as a sailor…)

  30. I have recently bought a small stove with the Name – Phillips & Buttorff stove in very good condition, it has the word CHROME or Chromo on the front below the vents. Its missing one small piece the X-shaped piece between the 2 round covers on top. Other than that it has almost no rust or scale just very light surface rust in a few places. the person I bought it from said it came from up north and had been passed down from her Grandparent possibly.
    Would anyone have any ideas about its age or where I can buy or have made that small x-shaped piece that is between the round/ pot holes on top?
    If there is a way to send pics I have several fairly good ones that may help in some way.
    I have searched several hours already on the web with few results that helped.

    • Hey Dan I have a P&B Chromo too. While I don not have a extra part, perhaps I could make a template of the missing part or something for you. I’d love to see pictures of your stove too, especially the grate as mine was missing.

  31. I bought a Potbelly stove and I cant find any information on it ,Its a Black Oak and it says on the door Indianapolis Stove Company ,Has anyone ever heard of one of these ?

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